The Cure to No Motivation

Everyone has been here. The first couple of weeks of a new fitness and diet plan are almost exciting because they’re new, you’re on a mission and you’re going to crush it this time. Well, two weeks later the newness is gone and along with it the motivation is gone too. Although it seems impossible, you can bring the motivation back and keep it. Here are a few tips I’ve learned to help get me through the rough times.

1. Why are you doing this? This one is honestly the most important. Figure out exactly why you are wanting to do this. It should be something that can re-light the fire you have to accomplish your goals. Once you get to the core of why you want to be in better shape whether it’s for self-confidence, an event or for something as serious as health. Find your reason. Find your fire.

2. Mix-up your current routine. If you feel bored, then change what you are doing. Try and make your workouts more fun and exciting. You should enjoy your diet and exercise routine. Yes, at times you will have to push yourself past your comfort level and yes, you will have to turn down your favorite foods sometimes, but you shouldn’t feel like you are bored or deprived. That’s not a lifestyle you will be able to maintain.

3. Write you goals down. Write out the reason you are wanting to do this. Write out your deadlines you want to be reached. Make sure to make goals bigger than just weight loss. Make goals that have to do with flexibility, endurance and strength. The more goals you reach the more rewarding it will feel, the more rewarding it feels the more motivation you will have.

4. Have a buddy. Even if you do follow all these tips there will be day you just flat out do not want to do it. It is good to have a buddy to encourage you and keep you in line. A little accountability goes such a long way. You may not like it when they call you out for eating like crap or being lazy but someday when all those goals you had written out are reached, you are going to be so grateful to have a friend to keep your poop in a group. Plus, a little competition between friends keeps your game strong.

5. You won’t always be motivated. You at some point will have to learn the discipline to get it done even when you don’t want to. The days you don’t feel like it are 100% the days you need to get it done. The harder you work and the more dedicated you are the quicker results will come.

There is no better feeling than reaching those goals that seemed impossible. I remember the day I stepped on a scale and realized I did what a lot of people thought I wouldn’t do and at times I honestly didn’t think I would get it done either. I promise you the feeling of finishing is worth the days of having to drag your butt to the gym and making those better choices. Find your fire and find people that help you build it, not put it out.
Thanks for reading guys! I hope your week is filled with crushed goals!
– Leslie

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