Benefits to Bootcamps and Group training

It has been far too long since I have gotten into writing blogs. Lately my life revolves around training bootcamps and teaching classes so, I think it’s fitting to share with you the benefits of these things. Being a trainer is awesome because you get to help people reach their goals little by little and watch them develop a love for health and fitness. I wholeheartedly believe that group fitness is a great way to get started. Ill drop some reasons why below!
1. Push yourself harder. When you work out by yourself, how hard do you honestly push yourself? Do you find yourself 30 minutes in kind of bored and unmotivated and thinking, “eh, good enough. Let’s call it a day”. I’m guessing even if you don’t want to admit it, that’s how about half of your workouts go. When you are in a group environment there is almost a competition level to it. You have someone there to push you to your max, plus, it’s always fun to push yourself harder than the person next to me. Maybe I’m a little too competitive but I always had a blast in Sela’s bootcamp trying to out-train the guy next to me. If you feel like you need someone to push you harder, bootcamp and classes are your thing.

2. Accountability. In my bootcamps we meet multiple times a week. I check in every time I see my clients and ask them how their diet is going and push them to exercise outside of bootcamp. This helps add a level of accountability. When you know someone is going to be asking you about that cake you’ve been dying to eat you’re more likely to choose a healthier option. I have been there and felt the immediate regret after binging, I knew I was going to let down my trainer and diet coach so I started to make better choices. Remember you can always have a little splurge here and there but keep the servings small, it’s all about portion control!

3. More fun. Okay, don’t lie, you and I both know that walking on the treadmill gets old real quick. The benefit of group fitness is you never know what is coming next. You get a great mix of cardio and strength without all the repetitiveness. Keeps your motivation and enthusiasm fresh. PLUS you get to make new friends, which again, helps with the accountability thing. You are more likely to succeed if you have a workout buddy to keep you on track and call you out on your excuses. I have made so many great friends on my fitness journey which I still use as resources to help me keep on track. If you laugh through the majority of your bootcamp it goes by faster and you get a bonus ab workout!

4. Better Results. Some people love cardio, some people love weights. Most people usually do one or the other or only know a little bit about each one. When you do group fitness, classes or bootcamps we try and make sure you get the MOST out of your workout. That means we use a lot of cross training, throwing in cardio, Plyometrics and strength to make sure you leave bootcamp or class with a ton of calories burned. Trainers are a great resource to learn how to work out effectively.

5. Trainer led workouts. This is a little bit of what I said before, but trainers know what they’re doing. We know which muscle groups to pair, we know how much cardio and H.I.I.T. stuff you need to make the most out of your workouts. Another good thing is you don’t have to try and think up a workout routine, we have one planned for you, so it can almost be mindless. You just have to show up and put in the work. We can teach you form and technique so that you can fly solo if you need to on days you don’t go to class or bootcamp.
If you have been thinking about trying bootcamp or classes, just give them a try. We have tons of different styles so there is one for every type of person! Classes are always free and bootcamps are discounted for members. We have 3 trainers to help you with bootcamp! Sela is the queen of HIIT, Dencia kicks butt at cross training and I am all about strength training and plyometrics. I have done bootcamps and I still go to classes so this isn’t me pushing my job but rather me sharing one of my passions. They are such a great resource for anyone at all levels. If you have any questions about classes or bootcamp, Call 867-4806 and the front desk can help you out! Thanks for reading!
– Leslie

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