5 Things That Might Be Happening When the Scale Isn’t Moving

5 Things That Might be Happening When the Scale Isn’t Moving

Anyone who has lost weight or who is on a fitness journey will probably experience this at least once.  You are working out consistently, you’re eating right but the scale will not move. I first hand know how frustrating that is and how defeated it can make you feel, but don’t give up, there is probably a really good explanation!

  1. Inconsistent time of weighing yourself. Do you weigh yourself at the same time every time? If one day you weigh yourself first thing in the morning and the next you are weighing yourself at night you are probably going to increase weight. You are at your lightest when you first wake up. So, weigh yourself first thing in the morning, the less you’re wearing the more accurate the weight! Also seeing the number go down will leave you feeling fresh and ready to tackle the day. Win-win.
  2. Workouts. Have you changed something up? Are you lifting more? Two things would be happening with this one. If you are lifting more the chances are you will probably be putting on muscle, muscle weighs more than fat. If the scale stays the same the first few weeks of weight lifting don’t feel bad! The more muscle you put on the more fat you burn while in the resting state (my personal favorite state of being #lazygirlforlyfe #yesIjusthashtagged)! SO, keep up on the weight lifting and give it a few weeks and I will bet you money the scale will slowly start to go down.  The second thing that could be happening is water retention due to inflammation from superficial tears.  This is not a big deal and it happens every time you are sore, the small muscle tears are what builds the muscle and that’s what burns the fat. Wait it out and your weight will begin to dip or regulate again.
  3. Water Retention. This can happen for a lot of reasons, especially if you are a woman. If it is that time of the month your body holds on to water like I hold on to donuts during a cheat meal. This is totally normal; your weight can fluctuate up to 5-10lbs because of this. You retain water for lots of reasons, the biggest one being that you’re actually not drinking enough water.  Shoot to drink no less than 100oz a day! This helps flush out sodium which is also a big culprit in water retention.
  4. Plateau. This is a dirty word to me because I have struggled with it SO MANY TIMES! The way to combat this is to switch things up, adjust your diet and do something different for workouts for a couple of weeks to confuse your body and things will fall back into place. I had a plateau for a whole month when I was losing weight but I stayed the course and as soon as I was out of it I dropped 10lbs the next month! Lesson of the day – stay the course and the course will reward you.
  5. Stress. Lol. Who isn’t stressed these days?? Seriously, if you’re not please message me your meditation rituals.  Stress makes your body functions off, you sleep less, you have less energy and you are probably suffering because of that.  My combat to stress is to hit the gym and I strongly recommend that.  Everyone deals with stress, you just have to learn how to overcome it, yoga helps some, too (good thing Star has a TON of yoga)!

The moral of this story is there is a ton of things that can be causing the scale to go up or to not move.  Stay faithful to your diet and keep working out and things will begin to move.  Also, a huge recommendation is to take measurements and to not rely on the scale. Way more reliable way to monitor your progress!

Thanks for reading, guys! – Leslie

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