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If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Dencia, you know that you can feel when she is in a room even before you see her, she is one of those genuinely good hearted people that are so so hard to find. She has been my “fitness momma bear” this year by helping me get on my feet as a personal trainer and find my groove and I am forever grateful for that.  I have gotten the pleasure to know her really well and hopefully after you read this little bio you will know why everyone loves Dencia Kudron.  Here is a little something written by Dencia!

  I believe fitness is more than a stuffy workout room and sweating until you feel complete again. Fitness should be something that flows seamlessly in your typical routine, something that makes continuous contributions to your quality of life. When you can hike that mountain with your loved ones, carry all your groceries in the house, or chase your kids around the park; it gives you a sense of fulfillment beyond a number on the scale. I have always been pursuing my fitness journey, even before I knew it had begun. I grew up as a dancer and became an instructor with Candy’s Dance Academy just as soon as I had the opportunity.

         After the birth of my son in 1999, I had realized where my passion was and how much I truly enjoyed the little bit of gym time I was getting as a busy mother of three. Group fitness classes were exactly what I needed to be inspired and social all at once. This sparked my long term love affair with kickboxing and highly motivational workouts. Soon after, I earned my Turbokick certification; a class I passionately dedicated my body and spirit to for 16 terrific years, and it gave me back just as much. One personal training certification, three full time jobs, and two more beautiful children (totaling 5) later; I am proud to say that I still live to lace up my tennis shoes and join others in their routine of loving themselves.

         I have loved being a part of the evolution of fitness and constantly learning innovative forms of the traditional concept. When I came to Star in 2013, my excitement for teaching and inspiring people was revived and I realized I had the best job in the world. I am currently certified through AAAI-ISMA as a personal trainer and through Beach Body as a PiYo Live instructor. I offer boot camps and personal training, as well as teaching two PiYo classes a week. I am extremely blessed to have the support of my husband of 14 years and each of my children who regularly enjoy attending classes and being immersed in our Star Athletic club family. In fact, you’ll often see my 11 year old daughter in the front row of Wednesday classes, putting us all to shame!

        My workouts are based on my clients and the core concept of effortlessly enjoying your time and watching your goals inch within reach. Fitness has brought so many amazing things to my life and I love each and every opportunity to pay a little bit of that forward!


Thanks for reading guys, hopefully you know Dencia a little more now! If you are in need of a person who makes workout more fun than you ever thought possible, hit Dencia up! Thanks for reading!

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