7 Thing That Kill Your Dieting Attempts

7 Thing That Kill Your Dieting Attempts

                There is nothing worse than feeling like you are putting in 100% effort but seeing no results.  There might be a few things you are doing that are hindering your process of weight loss, muscle growth or even weight maintenance.  Here are a few that in my personal experience I, 1) didn’t know anything about or 2) didn’t think was that big of a deal.  This whole getting healthy thing is hard but hopefully this makes your figuring out this whole healthy lifestyle thing a little easier.


  • Eat more protein. This is number one on my list because I see so many people only eating like 70 grams of protein a day! You should really be eating at least 100 grams to maintain muscle mass. If you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle you should most definitely eat more. There are lots of websites that can give you an inclination of how much you should be eating.  Protein increases your metabolism, promotes fat loss and muscle gain and helps fight hunger! These are all crucial for living a healthy lifestyle.


  • Only counting your calories. My first few months of dieting I made this same mistake. I was hitting my calorie goal but everything else was not so great.  You can make pizza fit into your calories everyday but that does not mean that you should eat pizza every day (this was a very, very sad realization on my part btw, RIP to eating pizza all the time). My fat intake was too high and don’t even get me started on how many carbs I was eating.  It was rough, but it makes sense why my weight loss was so slow there for a while.  Once you start paying attention to things besides calories it makes you 10x more aware of what you are eating.  Do some research on what your macros would be and try to make a diet around that.


  • Not drinking enough water. Water keeps things moving if you know what I mean. When you are eating a lot of meals it is really important to keep hydrated so your system can properly digest all the food going into it.


  • Not paying attention to nutrition labels. You would be surprised on how much junk is in some of your “healthy foods”. Lots of yogurts are packed full of sugar and carbs. Or some of your favorite sauces and pre-packaged meals have a whole day’s worth of sodium in one serving! Look at what you are eating! This links back to only counting calories, there is so much more to health than just paying attention to the calorie amounts.


  • Not eating enough food. You read that right, unless you are eating 5 times a day you need to step up your game! I see so many people only eating 1,000 calories a day because they want to be in a calorie deficit. However, when you do that you are doing way more harm than good. When you don’t eat enough you make your body think its starving thus slowing down your metabolism. Shoot for eating 4 or 5 meals preferably packed with protein!


  • Not eating real food. If you eat 5 meals a day and 3 of them are shakes, you aren’t really doing yourself any favors. Your body needs real food to activate enzymes that break down your food that then make your metabolism go into high gear and that’s what you want. The more regularly you eat full meals the better functioning your metabolism will be.  The better your metabolism is the easier weight loss is and the better you maintain weight as well.


  • Not balancing your carbs with your proteins. People either eat way too many carbs or don’t eat enough.  If you don’t eat enough carbs you can feel sluggish and very unmotivated-if you eat too many you slow down your weight loss and not to mention the occasional carb-coma which are never worth the delicious carbs you just ate.  Carbs are both a blessing and a curse.  Plus, you want to make sure you are eating more carbs than protein (generally, however this does vary based on your goals, so make sure you do some research!!!). So, check out those labels and see what you’re eating!


The moral of this story is pay attention to what you are eating and make sure you are fueling your body and not dragging it down! Nourish your body with plenty of healthy meals that consist of real food.  The best thing you can do is figure out what works for your body and your goals and to do things a realistic way that’s going to last.

As always, thanks for reading!


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  1. Yessy Rivera

    This is where things get overwhelming for me…I never know how to shop and I just want to do shakes because they’re quick and easy…being healthy is so hard.

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